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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Word from the High Seas!

Plat'Home recently heard from Steve Castellotti. Steve was instantly one of our favorite ideas - we were initially a little worried about the effects of salt water on the servers, but thought we would give it a go. Steve has received the OpenMicroServer and sent over some more detail on how he will be testing it out.
For the past two years I have been living aboard a trimaran in New Zealand. Like many computer professionals always working with bits and bytes can make technical accomplishments feel diminished because they are so intangible. This experience has helped provide a direct and physical hobby to enjoy and explore, working not only with one's hands but producing something that can be seen, touched, and shared. However, along with that environment comes special challenges, needs, and considerations for technology which include power consumption, physical space, reliability, and flexibility. Enter the OpenMicroServer.

My project will focus on integrating the OpenMicroServer into the existing hardware on board, and leverage the facilities of the Linux operating system to replace as many of those larger systems as possible. To begin, when at port I need a single, centralized server on the network to connect online via mobile data and act as a gateway to the internet. I also require a single repository for all of my data for work, as well as backup for my day-to-day laptop. The OpenMicroServer with a mobile connection and external hard drive attached to its USB ports will eliminate an oversized, overpowered machine that takes up far more valuable space immediately.

Next, while underway I need to be able to monitor the GPS positioning, performance data from the engine, and most importantly battery charge and discharge states from the bank. Considering the OpenMicroServer is already wired for 12 volt input and uses a maximum 3 amps of power, those savings are a huge benefit over a generic computer or even most laptops.

Finally, I am looking forward to simply experimenting with the device and coming up with new ideas as its capabilities unfold.

We are excited to hear back from Steve and be updated on the process! Stay tuned, we should have more feedback from our winners in the next couple weeks.

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Craig Oda said...

That's a beautiful boat. I hope that the external USB drive works as a central storage server for his files. Do you know if the USB port on the MicroServer can power the USB drive? Or, does the external drive require an external power source?