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Thursday, September 4, 2008

IDEA: A Super Server to Run All Servers

Mark said...

Alongside my Bulletin Board System, media server, and Apache, I would love the opportunity to see if the Microserver could stand up to the test of running all of these servers in addition to an ArcIMS viewer.

That's an interesting page you have running, and the OpenMicroServer would sure be a power-saving alternative to host it. The question remains what threatening environment you offer that demands roughed-up server hardware? It doesn't have to be a hurricane. Or a bunch of school kids. Maybe you have a nasty house cat?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I do have 2 rough house cats - one pees in the toilet
The other is a Persian.

The humidity in WA state is fairly constant. Placement of the new server in the garage should be a humidity test versus a rough and tough heat test. Anyone can place a server in the heat, but humidity and massive spatial data file transfers is one hell of a server test.