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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Return of Chicken Sitter!!

Everyone here at Plat'Home was a big fan of the "Chicken Sitter" submission by Gordon. If you recall, Gordon has 4 hens that need a babysitter:

The hens naturally enter the coop in the evening and I close the door to keep out a wide array of predators. Since I may want to take a vacation or spend an evening on the town someday, this seems like a good job to automate. The server would view camera footage inside the coop and determine, as close to nightfall as possible, that all the hens are inside and close the door. The server could also handle daily feeding and watering duties.
Gordon was a close runner up to winner #4 in our initial selections. We have good news though! Due to lack of contact details from winner #4, we have chosen to award Gordon an OpenMicroServer to test out his chicken sitter idea!

We will be watching closely to make sure all those chicken's are taken care of!

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