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Monday, August 25, 2008

Two weeks to go!

Pretty interesting! We're gotten quite a few different ideas, stretching what we had in mind people wanted to use Linux for. Home automation, solar power infrastructure, on-board ship monitoring and control, even gaming... and lots more.

Two more weeks left! Please don't be shy. Remember, it doesn't need to be extreme. Our Linux servers are tough, but they're mostly used in homes and offices. Tough is good for normal use, too!

Send in your ideas, and may the best proposal win!


einfeldt said...

I am a volunteer supporting a public middle school in San Francisco, California. Throw a server or two at us and let us have our middle school students bang on it for a while for video editing, photo editing, music editing, and (gasp) Internet browsing! Have you ever seen a roomful of 12 year-olds stress testing an Internet connection? It's not pretty.

I am also producing a film called the Digital Tipping Point. It's a film about how Free Open Source Software is changing global culture and the culture of this one public middle school. Give me a server or two or ten, and let us render video in a video hackathon. We will make your machine beg for forgiveness. heh. Please feel free to email me at einfeldt~at~

Anonymous said...

I host my own personal web site from home and would like to expand to more intensive media serving. Alongside my Bulletin Board System, media server, and Apache, I would love the opportunity to see if the Microserver could stand up to the test of running all of these servers in addition to an ArcIMS viewer.

Resolving spatial data is ultra intensive on RAM and processors. My home server would not handle the load. I have been using spatial data in the academic and professional fields for the last 4 years and would love to implement an IMSViewer.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.


Colin said...

I would use the Plat'Home server as an irrigation controller. I have developed software to control my ranch's irrigation system (5 acres of irrigated pasture and orchard). The problem I have is the controller in the pump room is subject to California Foothills summer heat (40C and more) and, worse, ubiquitous dust. I have yet to find a server that can run reliably in this environment.

Gordon said...


I don't have a thermal chamber to test your devices, but I do have 4 hens that could use a babysitter.

I propose, in order to give the CPU a workout, a chicken recognition program.

The hens naturally enter the coop in the evening and I close the door to keep out a wide array of predators. Since I may want to take a vacation or spend an evening on the town someday, this seems like a good job to automate. The server would view camera footage inside the coop and determine, as close to nightfall as possible, that all the hens are inside and close the door. The server could also handle daily feeding and watering duties. Email or twitter updates could also be provided.

The server would be best placed in the coop away from the floor where there is too much "dust". The operating temperature range is U.S. zone 4-5 with low humidity.

Future directions:
- Use another camera or mirror view to scan outside the door for predators or unruly children before opening the door.
- If predators are spotted, communicate with ChickenGuard robotic RC truck patrolling the premises to drive away predators while letting children be.

Thanks for reading.
spiderkarma at