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Sunday, August 3, 2008

IDEA: Linux Down Below the Earth's Crust

Takmadeus said...

Some time ago I had to do a health brigade in a far away town where they had several emerald mines, we got the chance to get to the deepest mine which lied 350 or more meters down below, and the temperature was like 55° celsius down there. Plus the humidity inside that mine shaft was so high it actually7 had a permanent storm produced by the humid air and several underground water sources several meters up from where we were. Not to mention that the soil in the mine was oleous and the earth had the properties of oily stuff, hard to get rid of, and tended to impregnate everything it touched. I remember we had to leave out cameras and cellphones in the surface given that they could be easily damaged in the mine.

If your servers can sustain 48 hours of continuous work (the normal work shift for the miners), then it can work anywhere anytime, I am sure of it.

My guess is that this is way outside of the spec and too tough on our servers. What do you use currently? Is there any kind of encasement possible?

Still curiosity gets the better of me. It would be interesting to see exactly how many hours the OMS can survive down there before turning into a smoking heap. This must be the hell that all small electronic devices fear.

The thing that I am most amazed about is that humans can survive down there, especially considering a 48 hours work shift. Most people wouldn't survive that in a cozy 22°C office cubicle.

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