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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IDEA: The Attack of the Attic, Part II

jperlow said...

I would do Ultracold/Ultrahot testing doing the following

1a) South Carolina or New Orleans attic during the summer. humid
and hot. Attach wireless bridge and run open router software, run
Rsync to run "time machine" backups of critical data on home PCs.

1b) Do the same with a house in northern canada as close to the
arctic circle

2) Power the unit using solar panels with lithium ion backup
storage, to see if the unit can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
completely off the grid.

3) Put on roof of a truck that does the ice road trucking route,
powered by a combination of 12v power inverter and solar panel with
lithium-ion backup batteries.
Connnect to GPS tracking unit and satellite uplink with integrated
real time monitoring / telemetry.

These sound like serious test environments.

Jason just did a general review of our OpenBlockS server, so maybe he got interested in doing more extensive testing. Really kind of curious about #2, running it 100% off the grid, and #3 as a tracking unit for an ice road trucking route. Isn't there a show about racing ice trucks on the Discovery Channel?

The ice route idea is really something to be hooked on. We've had some researchers take our OpenMicrServer to the skies with airships, and this adds another level of challenge. Plus it's possible to create a nice Google Maps app for "Where in the world is our MicroServer?"

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