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Monday, August 11, 2008

IDEA: As a Home Automation Server, Controlling and Monitoring A Complex Solar Array

Scott said...

My house as an unconditioned mechanical closet with 170 deg. F. boiler and two 3KW solar inverters -- it gets HOT in the summer! I would use your devices as a home automation server, monitoring the inverters, boiler, heating zones, etc.

This would be a neat challenge. It sounds like the heat is pretty intense and sustained. But using Linux to monitor a home automation system is a great idea. And having a server that itself was judicial in electricity usage would make sense. There's no way to lower the temperature in the mechanical closet or just have the sensors report across a network to the main server?

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Scott said...

Although the boiler produces 170 degree hot water, it doesn't get that hot in the closet -- probably a little over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a warm summer day. I want to put the server there in the closet because I would use the 8 DIO lines to directly connect to the various sensors monitoring the radiant heating system.