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Friday, August 8, 2008

2 IDEAS: As a Hub for Wireless NAS, and as a Web Server for the Black Sea-located Companies 1A SCS and Murfatlar Winery

aygun said...

What about an wireless router with hard drive ? The hard drive from your server must be an SSD and you can link to the NAS via wireless link and put the files there. Something like an regular linux distribution but with /home directory on the wireless NAS.In this way you're server can be at 200 meters from the storage point.

Also you can make an alternate storage for your server, Flash Pen based, using an usb hub and link all the usb Flash Pen's via LVM. But the only limitation is the read / write cycles. So to limit these knd of problems you should make an symlink to an external storage device (like I said - an wireless NAS) and define in it the / home folders and some folders from /var


aygunabibula said...

What abou in some tough condition on the way of Black Sea? Salt, dust, rain, heat, fog all in one at the seashore of Black Sea.

In the summer the temperature can reach at 60 degrees on the sun. In the winter -14 or -20 degrees and cold wind, snow and something like it. I can test it for you in this conditions on the network of my company 1A SCS. The website is

Also I can test it on some other hard condition on the dust, sun, rain ,snow , winter wind, snow, snow storm, sun or what you want on the Murfatlar Winery. We have there an wireless network with some windows servers and I want too change them. Also on the winery we have a lot of grapevines and 20 farms with grapes / grapevines. The website of the winery is

This brings up fond memories of a past vacation at the Black Sea...

I don't remember the weather to be worse than what our units suffer here in Tokyo (hot and humid), but I didn't go in the winter, and we definitely don't have snowstorms here.

Let me check whether our contest rules prohibit us from taking a few bottles of wine... (For pure assessment purposes and without any influence on the result of this contest. Of course.)

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